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PENTHA RESEARCH´s staff is compounded by experienced professionals in the healthcare field with expertise in clinical, pharmaceutical, medical device development and regulatory affairs areas with a long term working on basic and clinical research projects of all phases.


Gerardo M. Uviedo is a Medical Doctor specialized in General and Vascular Surgery. He received his MD degree from Rosario National University School of Medicine in Rosario City, Argentina. He has thirty years of clinical practice experience in General Surgery and Critical Care, with twenty years of experience in Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, working from the early times of his career in the area of implantable medical devices collaborating in publications related to several Surgical themes. He has been trained in GCPs and SOPs by Quintiles and Genzyme in Miami (USA) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) respectively and certified as a Project Manager by IEEC. He is a former Instructor of General Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine and Dr.Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital (Rosario National University) He is currently developing ten innovative medical devices of his invention. Dr.Uviedo is founder and CEO of Pentha Research and Co-Founder of South Cone Alliance.

Juan José Ortiz, PhD.

Dr. Ing. Juan José Ortiz: Mechanical Engineer graduated from the UTN Regional Faculty de Córdoba in 2004. He was granted a scholarship at the University of Ajou, Korea, for the Specialization Course in Management of New Technologies of Science and did his PhD in Science and Technology at UNSAM (major: materials) He worked as an Industrial Designer and Researcher at the UTN FRC from 2003 to 2008 in the design and calculation of parts and mechanical assemblies and participated in the project "Development of Infusion Pump to Syringe". He was a Designer at CNEA from 2007 to 2009 working on the development of parts and mechanical systems within the SARE Satellite Mission Project (IMF2BAT-3) CNEA-CONAE. Dr.Ing Ortiz received an A1D Professional Fellowship (Design and Calculation, Simulation and Fabrication) in the National Atomic Energy Commission at Constituyentes Atomic Center, Argentina, which was extended from 2008 and 2013. He was also Professor at Technological National University (UTN FRBA), Argentina in those same years. Dr. Ing. Ortiz worked at the Argentine Nanotechnology Foundation (FAN), Argentina, being responsible for NanoFab Laboratories and performs linkage and technological management activities at FUNINTEC UNSAM. He is a co-founder of Pentha Research Medical Devices contributing in the design and development of more than ten innovative medical devices applying technology 4.0.

Eng. Ariel Brunetto.

Electronic Engineering who obtained his degree from the UTN, Argentina, continuing his orientation to BS, Computer Science, at the University Center for Advanced Studies in Exact Sciences. He was president at Cisco Users Group. He served as Regional Network Director at IFX Networks, operating as a leader in a team of distributed network Engineers in offices in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Chile, Bogotá, Panama, Mexico and Miami, participating in the design and operation of a large-scale voice, video and data network. It designed an MPLS main network covering several countries in Latin America, focusing on service quality, security policies and routing. He also designed several training courses on the quality of network service, VPN level 3, IPSec VPN, MPLS TE and network security. He has being working on Fuzion Framework, a complete game development solution that includes a real-time 3d engine focused on shading; content creation and manipulation tools through the Fuzion Editor and third-party softwares such as Autodesk 3ds max. He also developed a system called "Precise Field" focused on the research and development of precision agriculture monitoring system. Eng. Ariel Brunetto has joined PRMD leading the development area of ​​the electronic components of PRMD and is the author of electronic systems and software of innovative devices developed by this company.

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