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January 7 2020

Start Up Mannheim contributed with a soft landing program on behalf of PRMD introducing the company to Life Science Accelerator program at Baden Wūttemberg region.

February 2020

PRMD is working along with Fraunhofer institute and Mannheim Uniklinik Urology department on the final steps of Uropentha development, previous to market penetration.

January 2020

PRMD acompases the technology world looking for solutions upon COVID 19 breakout with three projects: Smart Bed, Pentha Breath and Pentha Blocker.

March  2020

PRMD granted by the Argentine R+ D+ i Agency with USD 100K for Pentha Breath development.


Great technological leap from current standards.

Versatile team of professionals.

Long term market strategies based on people needs.


Medical Devices.

Pentha Research Medical Devices is a R&D company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, committed to be an effective provider of innovative solutions for the human health and wellness.

Our R&D department works intensively on a pipeline of new medical technology combining material biocompatibility, Nanotechnology, MEMS, CIT and Artificial Intelligence allowing us to reach the best version of interactive ways to solve health challenges from a variety of clinical areas

Dr. Gerardo Uviedo

MD specialized in General and Vascular Surgery.



Pentha Research

• Running the changes • Moving with the processes • Current and future developments • Affordable tools • Ideal working conditions

Our Mission

We permanently work on the creation of new medical technology for a world growing exponentially. We clearly understand your needs because we are medical technology developers, too.





Our wide experience in clinical research gives us the necessary tools to move more efficiently through the milestones that the specific case represents.

Project feasibility- We move fast in technical feasibility by integrating study analytics, AI, nanotechnology, CIT, MEMS and biomaterial behavior driving clients to the more comprehensive project assessment. Preclinical Phase/Early Phase Protocol/CRF design: once analyzed, we can design the best study protocol version and study documents suited to the project profile and ready to run in the field. Preclinical Studies: Lab Bench/Animals: our animal(small and midsize animal) lab counts with all necessary resources to run preclinical studies and biostatistics all closely followed by the due study management.

At PENTHA RESEARCH we are proud to announce to the scientific community our breakthrough in the medicine field. Since our beginning, we have aimed to provide innovative solutions to disorders in different clinical areas and, after several years of extensive research and investigation, we are extremely pleased to make public the results of our latest endeavour: the development of new medical devices by combining new materials and nanotechnology for Peripheral Arteries diseases, Venous Insufficiency, Urinary Tract disorders, Arthrosis, and Neurology.

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